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What is the difference between butane and propane gas?

For a gas patio heater or gas barbecue, you need butane gas or propane gas. With a number of heaters or barbecues, it is only possible to connect 1 of the 2 types of gas, but with some there is a gas pressure regulator to which you can connect both types. In this article you can read about the difference between butane and propane gas and which type of gas is suitable for your patio heater or gas barbecue.

The difference

There are 2 types of gas suitable for a patio heater, butane gas and propane gas. Both species have their advantages and disadvantages, here you can see the difference:


  • Propane gas can be used up to -42 degrees.
  • The gas is relatively expensive.


  • Butane gas is cheaper than propane gas.
  • The gas cannot be used when it is freezing.

Which gas should I use?

In principle, all gas patio heaters and gas barbecues are suitable for both butane and propane gas. That does not mean that you link your product to all types of gas bottles. The gas pressure regulator of a gas heater or gas barbecue determines which gas cylinder you need. There are pressure regulators that can fit both butane and propane gas bottles, but that can only handle 1 in 2. To be sure which gas you need, check your heater's manual. Have you lost the manual? Then look at the gas pressure regulator. The gas pressure regulator also states exactly what type of gas you need. For butane gas the letter 'B' is on the pressure regulator, for propane gas a 'P' and 'B/P' appears when both gases are possible.

Replace gas pressure regulator

If you have a gas pressure regulator on your gas heater or gas barbecue for butane gas or propane gas, it is possible to replace it. For example, place a universal gas pressure regulator so that you can choose from both types of gas. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that the gas pressure regulator is suitable for 30 mbar. That is the constant pressure required for Dutch and Belgian gas patio heaters and gas barbecues. The gas pressure regulator's manual describes exactly how to replace it.

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