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Which hair removal device is right for you?

A hair removal device helps you to manage and remove your body hair. You can shave your body smooth, and trim your body hair. On this page, we explain what type of hair removal devices exist, and what they do. You can read about a hair removal device, a ladyshave, and an epilator, and what you can do with it.

How do you prefer to remove hair?

Hair removal with a laser hair removal device

Laser hair removers

Laser hair removal is the most comfortable way. Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), hair follicles are put to sleep. As a result, they stop producing hair growth for a long time after a few treatments.

  • Long-term, smooth result
  • Painless treatment
  • Safest for your skin
  • Not suitable for every skin type
Hair removal with an epilator


An epilator removes the hairs including the hair root with different tiny tweezers. The first time, you'll have to remove all individual hairs, so it takes a little more effort in the beginning. After that, the hair removal treatment will go faster and faster.

  • Smooth result for several weeks
  • Hairs become thinner
  • Can challenge your pain threshold
  • Time-consuming chore
Shaving with a women's electric shaver

Electric shaving

Shaving is the simplest hair removal method. You can use a women's electric shaver that automatically cuts hairs or use razor blades that you'll need to replace after a number of shaves to maintain a smooth result.

  • Quick and painless
  • The smooth result doesn't last long
  • Doesn't give a fully smooth shave.
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