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Where do I hang my smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm?

If a fire breaks out, or when carbon monoxide is released into the air, you want to be alerted of this immediately. That's why it's crucial to install smoke detectors and a CO detectors in the right places.

Smoke detectors

Smoke always directly rises up, that's why you should install smoke detectors on the ceiling. The smoke detector should always be audible from your bedroom, so try to install the smoke detector 3 meters away from your bedroom. Don't install the smoke detector in your bedroom, if it happens to go off, you'll already be too late. If you live in a house with more than 1 bedroom, we strongly advise to install more than 1 smoke detector. In a home with multiple floors, there are 2 main areas that need a smoke detector: at least 1 on the ground floor, and at least 1 at every other floor. in the walkway of an exit route.

It's not advisable to install a smoke detector in the kitchen, as might frequently go off while cooking. In case you're scared of a fire breaking out in the kitchen, install a smoke detector near the kitchen instead.

CO detectors

CO, also known as carbon monoxide, is a gas that doesn't rise like smoke does. Instead, it keeps lingering at a height of about 1.5 meters. That's why should install your CO detector at this height, in order to ensure it operates correctly.

When installing a CO detector, keep in mind that it should be installed in a place where it's clearly audible. This is because you can't see or smell carbon monoxide. Make sure that a CO detector is always installed close to or in the same as equipment that requires fuel, like a boiler, heater, central heating installation, or gas heater.

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