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Help with choosing headphones

With headphones, you can listen to your favorite music at home or on the go without being interrupted. Where you wear your headphones and the carrying comfort are important factors when you're making a choice. In this article, you can read about choosing the right headphones for you.

Choose headphones

Choose headphones

A lot of headphones look alike, but there are differences. Ask yourself the following questions when searching for headphones:

-Where do you want to use the headphones? -How do you want to wear the headphones?

Usage situations

Headphones for home


We divided the headphones into 3 usage situations: at home, on the go, and in the office. Here's how to choose headphones for at home.

Headphones for on the go

On the go

Are you going to use the headphones a lot on the go? Here's how to choose the best headphones for on the go.

Headphones for the office


Do you want to improve your focus on your work at the office? Here's how to best choose office headphones.

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