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How do I put my earbuds in?

Your new earplugs are inside, fantastic! Time to enjoy good music. In order to get the best sound and the best wearing comfort from your earplugs, you have to do them well in your ears. In this article I explain to you how you can best put the earplugs in for every way of transport.


In ear cups it is important that you actually push the caps into your ear canal. As a result, they close your ear canal well. This closure ensures that the bass sounds are audible and that you are disconnected from ambient noise. In ears are supplied with different sizes of caps. Choose the size where the caps are firmly in your ear canal, but at the same time comfortable. If you use too small plugs, your ear canal will not close properly and you will hear less bass and more environmental noise.

** Tip **: to make ears easier, pull up your earcup slightly. This makes your ear canal lie straight and push the caps easier.

Ear hook

With earplugs with an ear hook, it is important that the ear hook is tight enough so that you do not lose them. When you put in, you first put the hook around your earcup. You do this by placing the hook over the ear from the side. Then you push the caps yourself into your ear canal. Check that the cap closes your ear canal properly. If this is not the case, use other fits. Then tighten the ear hook firmly against your ear until you have found the most comfortable fit.

Ear clip

With this variant, it is important that the ear clip is firmly in your ear. Place the earplug against your ear canal and turn it slightly backwards. You push the bottom of the clip into your earcup. If this is right, push the top of the clip into your ear with your index finger. Now turn the cap back to the front until the clip is firmly in your ear. Check that the cap closes your ear canal properly. If this is not the case, use other fits.



The earbuds rest in the round part of your ear and do not enter your ear canal. This place you loose in your ears. Do not push them too hard. If you do, the caps can hurt your ear canal.



The neck strap consists of ear cups that are attached to a neck strap. First hang the neckband loosely and comfortably around your neck. The tire must not pinch. Then insert the earplugs.

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone Conduction Technology

Let the neckband rest on your neck. Make sure the neck strap is not too tight. Do not put the earplugs with the Bone Conduction Technology in your ear, but put the earplugs on your cheekbones.


A new wearing method may feel uncomfortable at first. Take the time to get used to the fit and the handiness of inserting the caps. To enjoy your earplugs even longer, read our tips on the link below to prevent cable breakage.

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