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How do you switch with OnePlus Switch?

If you have a new OnePlus smartphone, you want to transfer all your data from your old smartphone to your OnePlus device as soon as possible. OnePlus has developed a useful app for Android smartphones that allows you to do that quickly and easily: OnePlus Switch. Read how the app works and what you need to do to transfer your files here.

Transfer with OnePlus Switch in 8 steps

Transfer with OnePlus Switch
  1. Open OnePlus Switch on your new phone.
  2. Allow the app to access your files.
  3. Select "I am a new phone" and indicate whether you have a OnePlus or another Android smartphone.
  4. Download OnePlus Switch on your old phone.
  5. Allow the app to access your files.
  6. Select "I am an old phone".
  7. Scan the QR code that appears on your new phone.
  8. Choose which files you want to transfer and press "Start".

Before you start

Make sure both your devices are connected to WiFi. This way, you avoid using mobile data to transfer all your files. Are you switching to OnePlus from an iPhone? In that case, OnePlus Switch doesn't work, unfortunately. You can easily transfer all your files via Google in that case. To do this, first make a backup on your iPhone and then sync your account on your OnePlus smartphone. You can read how that works in our advice article.

Step 1: set up your new device

You start with your new device. Open your app drawer, search for "OnePlus Switch", and open the app. Allow OnePlus Switch to access your files when asked via a pop-up. Next, choose the option "I am a new phone". Finally, indicate whether your old device is a OnePlus device or different Android phone.

Step 2: set up your old device

Grab your old device now. First, download the OnePlus Switch app from the Play Store. Is your old device also a OnePlus smartphone? You probably already have the app. Open the app and select "I am an old phone". A QR scanner will now appear. Scan the QR code that appears on your new smartphone to connect.

Step 3: transfer data

When you've connected your phones, you need to choose which files to transfer. You can do this on your old smartphone. You'll see how long the transfer will take on the screen. As soon as everything has been transferred, the connection is automatically terminated. All your old files are now on your new OnePlus. If an app requires you to log in, like WhatsApp and online banking, you'll have to log in again. Is this not working? You can usually resolve this issue by reinstalling the app.

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