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How do you disconnect a washer dryer combination?

You want us to take your old washer dryer combination with is when we deliver your new model. To make sure this process runs smoothly, you'll need to disconnect the washer dryer combination beforehand. By disconnecting the washer dryer combination from the water and by disconnecting the hose, for example. Find out here how to do this and what to keep in mind.

Disconnecting washer dryer combination

Washer dryer combination in bathroom

Follow the steps below to disconnect your washer dryer combination:

  • Step 1: unplug the appliance and empty the drum.
  • Step 2: close the water supply.
  • Step 3: disconnect the inlet hose.
  • Step 4: remove the drain hose from the drain.
  • Step 5: tape the hoses to the back.
  • Step 6: empty the drain filter.

Note that you need a towel and a bucket.

Step 1: unplug the appliance

Removing the connector from the socket

Switch off the washer dryer combination and unplug it. Open the drum door and make sure the drum is empty.

Step 2: close water supply

Washer dryer combination water supply

Turn off the faucet clockwise. You can find the faucet by following the inlet hose at the back of the washer dryer combination.

Step 3: disconnect supply hose

Washer dryer combination supply hose

Now that the faucet is closed, disconnect the supply hose. You do this by turning the ring between the tap and the hose. Keep in mind that water is coming out of the hose. Use a bucket to collect this water.

Step 4: disconnect drain hose

Washer dryer combination drain hose

Afterwards, remove the drain hose from the drain. Keep in mind that there is still water coming from the hose. Use a bucket to collect any remaining water.

Step 5: tape hoses

Washer dryer combination hoses

Of course, you don't want any remaining water from the hoses dripping on your parquet flooring. That is why you should tape the supply and drain hoses to the appliance with the opening facing upwards. You can tape the hoses to the back of your washer dryer combination.

Step 6: empty drain filter

Emptying the drain filter

Finally, place the drain filter at the bottom. First, place a towel and a bucket in front of the filter. Open the cover in front of the drain filter. Can you see a tube? Use this to drain any remaining water. Push the filter and tube back into place. Close the drain cover. Now, all you have to do is make sure your washer dryer combination is ready for transport at your front door.

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