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How do I move my washing machine?

There's a lot of things you'll need to take into account when moving to a new place. It's no different when you're moving your washing machine. In this article, you'll read how best to tackle this and which steps you should follow.

Step 1: make sure there's no more water in it

Washing machine faucet

Close the faucet before disconnecting the washing machine. Next, disconnect the drain hose from the faucet. Hold a bucket next to it, since the hose may still be filled with water. Then remove the drain hose from the drain and empty the hose in the bucket. Finally, place a towel near the filter on the front for the last bit of water. The filter is behind a hatch on the lower right side of the front.

Step 2: secure the drum with transport bolts

Transport bolts washing machine

The drum is the most vulnerable part of a washing machine. If it's not properly secured during the move, there's a chance it'll shake around too much. There'll be a big chance of damaging it, and that's the last thing you want. To prevent this from happening, secure the drum with the included transport bolts. The amount of transport bolts included and where to secure them is different for each brand.

Step 3: keep the washing machine upright during transport

Washing machine delivery drivers

As you transport it, always keep the washing machine in an upright position. This keeps the drum stable and won't put pressure on the pipes. Always make sure to lift the washing machine with 2 people. Besides the fact that it's hard to lift, the machine could weigh up to about 100kg. A weight truck would make it even easier. Is the washing machine finally standing up straight in the van? Make sure to properly secure it to prevent it from sliding while your drive.

Step 4: reconnecting it

Level the washing machine

You're almost there. Lift the washing machine back upstairs with two people and connect it. Don't forget to remove the transport bolts. If you leave them, you'll break the washing machine. The bolts will block the drum, and when it needs to spin for a cycle, it's break from the pressure. Check whether the washing machine is level to prevent it from making noise. Reconnect the drain hose, and you'll be ready to do the laundry.

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