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Advice on washing machines

You're wondering which washing machine to buy. Buying a new washing machine isn't too complicated if you know what to keep in mind. Which washing machine suits you depends on the size of your household. To help you figure out which washing machine to buy, we'll give you some tips.

Load capacity

Washing machine with pile of laundry

When buying a new washing machine, the first thing to keep in mind is the load capacity. How many kilograms of load capacity your washing machine needs depends on the size of your household. If you don't know how many kilograms of capacity your washing machine needs, follow our guidelines. With a machine with enough load capacity, you can clean your laundry in one go and save time and energy.

Revolutions per minute (RPM)

Washing machine RPM

The higher the washing machine's spin speed, the dryer your laundry leaves the drum. A high spin speed ensures the washing machine spins rapidly. By buying a washing machine with a high spin speed, your laundry needs less time in the dryer or on the drying line. Do you use a dryer? By spinning your clothes beforehand, you'll save time and energy.

Energy consumption

Energy label washing machine

If you want to see how much energy a washing machine uses, check the energy label. Since 1 March 2021, all washing machines have a new label with stricter requirements. The energy labels run from A to G, so A is the most energy-efficient. The EU calculates the energy consumption of a washing machine per 100 cycles based on the required Eco 40-60 cycle. Here, you can read all about it.

Noise level

Noise level washing machine

If you're going to put your washing machine near your bedroom or living room, you should pay attention to its noise level. The noise level of a washing machine is expressed in the number of decibels produced while spinning. If you want a silent washing machine, choose one that produces a noise level of 71 decibels or less while spinning. This way, you'll have the minimum amount of noise. Every 3 additional decibels means the noise is doubled.

Washing quality

Detergent drawer

With every laundry you do, you want your clothes to come out fresh. Of course you want this to still be the case after a few years. The washing quality of a washing machine affects this. A washing machine with a mid-range or high-end washing quality prevents greasy residue and odors. This keeps the drum and your laundry clean. That's why you should get a washing machine with a mid-range or high-end washing quality.

Build quality

Drum door washing machine

The build quality is important for the lifespan of your washing machine. If you want a strong and durable washing machine, you should pay attention to the build quality. You can choose from basic, mid-range, and top-notch build quality. If you're looking for a durable washing machine, choose one with at least a mid-range build quality. These come with a brushless motor by default, which reduces the wear on your washing machine.

Washing and drying

Washing machine and dryer

If you want to wash and dry, you can choose from a separate washing machine and dryer or a washer dryer combination. If you want to dry quickly and energy-efficiently, you can use 2 separate appliances. You place the washing machine and dryer next to each other or stack them with the help of an stacking kit. This will keep your dryer safely on top of your washing machine. If you prefer a single machine, you can opt for a washer dryer combination. Keep in mind that a washer dryer combination is slower and uses more energy.

Smart washing machines

Automatic detergent dosing

A smart washing machine has extra functions to make washing even more efficient, cleaner, and faster. For example, with a washing machine with WiFi, you can do the laundry remotely and see how long this will take from your smartphone or tablet. This can come in handy when you are not at home. A washing machine with automatic detergent dosing automatically adds the correct amount of detergent, so that your clothes stay beautiful longer. Curious? Read more about smart washing machines here.

Washing machine subscription

Washing machine subscription

With a washing machine subscription, you'll have an energy-efficient washing machine that always works for a fixed amount per month. That way, you don't have to pay a large amount in one go. There won't be any unexpected costs either. If your washing machine is broken, we'll exchange it for a replacement one. Are you going to move? We'll move the washing machine for free. The washing machine subscription can be canceled monthly after 1 year.

Additional advice

Washing machine

Want to know the standard dimensions of a washing machine? Or are you looking for a brand that suits you? Read our other advice. We'll give you tips that are useful before and after purchase. For example, it's smart to check which installation service you need. Did you buy a washing machine? Below, you can read how to clean the washing machine, reduce noise, and in what tray to put the detergent, among other things. You can also check how to connect or disconnect the machine, which comes in handy if you're moving.

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