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Do you need an extra connection service for your washing machine?

You've got your eye on a new washing machine with free delivery. Think about which installation service you need in advance. Handy, if you want your dryer to be placed on top of your washing machine, for example. On this page, you can learn which installation services Coolblue offers. You can add these to your order during checkout.

Which service do you need?

Coolblue washing machine delivery driver

To use your new washing machine as soon as possible, we offer the following services for a fee:

  • We'll install the washing machine where you want it.
  • We'll place the dryer on your washing machine with a stacking kit.

You add these services to your order before checkout.

Install the washing machine where you want it

Install the washing machine

If you choose to get your washing machine installed where you want it, our delivery drivers will take care of the following:

  • Place the washing machine where you want it.
  • Level your washing machine.
  • Connect to the supply and drain hoses.
  • Take your old washing machine away.

Note: at the moment it's not possible to connect your washing machine to a pull switch.

Place the dryer on the washing machine

Stacking kits for your washing machine and dryer

If you want the dryer placed on top of your washing machine, have that done with a stacking kit. A stacking kit keeps your dryer securely on top of your washing machine. That way, you don't have to worry about it falling off during spinning. If you buy a washing machine or dryer with stacking kit, we'll install it for you.

Washing machine and dryer on one drain

For washing machines and dryers
in stock
  • With a Y-piece, you can connect the hose of your washing machine and dryer to the same drain.
  • CoolblueBezorgt delivery drivers will connect the Y-piece to the drain.
  • You have a 5-year warranty on BlueBuilt products.

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