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Do you need a stacking kit for your washing machine and dryer?

An intermediate piece, also called a stacking kit, ensures that you can place your dryer safely on your washing machine. Very useful when you want to stack your washing machine and dryer. With a stacking kit, you don't have to worry about your dryer falling off your washing machine. Thanks to the attachment strap, your washing machine and dryer will remain stable during a spin. Read why you need a stacking kit here.

Universal stacking kit

For all washing machines deeper than 55cm | With worktop
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  • Fits all washing machines and dryers.
  • Your dryer stands firmly on your washing machine thanks to the strap.
  • You have a 5-year warranty on BlueBuilt products.

Note: keep in mind that the plastic protective cover of the belt tensioner protrudes a few centimeters.

Attachment strap

Attachment strap stacking kit

A universal stacking kit fits all washing machines and dryers. The stacking kit keeps the devices tightly together as a whole, thanks to the attachment strap. This allows you to place your washing machine and dryer in your niche or in the attic, for example.


Worktop stacking kit

You'll always need a stacking kit when you put your dryer on your washing machine. In addition to being safe, a stacking kit is also useful, especially if you have an stacking kit with a worktop. You can use the worktop to set place your laundry basket on, or to fold your clothes neatly. After folding, your favorite pants or sweater can go straight into the closet.

Installation service

Coolblue Delivers

Our Coolblue delivery drivers will install the stacking kit if you buy one in combination with a washing machine or dryer. We provide this service upon delivery. That way, you'll know for sure that the devices are firmly on top of each other and that you can wash and dry safely.

Place the stacking kit yourself

Dryer on washing machine

Do you want to place the stacking kit yourself? First, choose a suitable location for your washing machine and dryer set and level your washing machine. This prevents your washing machine and dryer sets from being skewed and making noise. In the article below, you can read how to place the stacking kit and tighten the strap with a strap tensioner.

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