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How do you disconnect a washing machine?

You want us to take your old washing machine with us when we deliver your new washing machine. To ensure that the process runs smoothly, disconnect the washing machine beforehand. By disconnecting the washing machine from the power and disconnecting the hose, among other things. Read how to quickly and easily do that.


We currently deliver to just over the threshold of your home. If you need more help, we offer an additional connection service. Our delivery drivers will connect the washing machine in the desired location in the house. We'll make sure to adhere to all the safety measures, of course.

Step 1: disconnect your washing machine from the power grid.

Switch off the washing machine

Turn off the washing machine and disconnect it from the power supply. Check if there's any laundry in the drum. You want to keep your favorite shirt to yourself, of course.

Step 2: close the water supply

Washing machine supply tap

Follow the supply hose to the tap via the back of the washing machine. Turn off the tap clockwise.

Step 3: disconnect the supply hose

Disconnect the washing machine supply hose

Disconnect the supply hose. You do this by turning the ring between the tap and the hose. Make sure that water comes out of the hose. You can catch this with a bowl.

Step 4: remove the drain hose from the drain

Drain hose from the drain

Remove the drain hose from the drain. Drain the hose completely into a bucket.

Step 5: tape both hoses

Supply and drain hose washing machine

Tape both hoses onto the back of the washing machine with the opening facing up. Make sure they stay firmly in place with tape. This way, you don't have to worry about water dripping from it.

Step 6: empty the drain filter

Empty washing machine drain filter

Place a towel and a bucket in front of the filter. Open the drain filter cover at the bottom of the washing machine. Is there a tube near the filter? Use this to drain the water. Next, unscrew the filter and collect the remaining water. Replace the filter and close the tube. Finally, close the drain valve. The washing machine is now ready for transport. Make sure it's there to be picked up at the front door.

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