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What is the washing quality of a washing machine?

The washing quality of a washing machine determines how your laundry gets out of the drum. A good washing quality means that your laundry stays nice longer, and that your washing machine and clothes don't smell. To indicate the difference, we distinguish between high-end, mid-range, and basic washing quality.

In short

When assessing the washing quality of a washing machine, we pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Washing result A: According to European guidelines, your laundry will the cleanest with washing result A.
  • Automatic detergent feed: Automatically adds the right amount of detergent.
  • Load sensor: Adjusts the washing cycle according to the amount and type of laundry.
  • Steaming function: Smoothes your laundry, so you'll have to iron less afterwards.
  • Extra rinsing function: The extra rinsing function rinses the detergent out of your clothes.
  • Laundry-care drum: Prevents your clothes from wearing, thanks to the special wall structure.
  • Self-cleaning detergent drawer: Detergent doesn't build up in the soap dish because it's rinsed with water.
  • Drum cleaning: Thanks to the high temperature, drum cleaning prevents mold and stale odors.
  • 4D washing: Your laundry comes out of the drum extra clean thanks to a detergent nozzle that distributes the detergent evenly.

High-end wash quality

Washing machine high-end washing quality

A high-end washing machine always has the best washing result, thanks to the automatic detergent feed or a steaming function. That means you don't have to worry about your laundry, and your clothes will look like new for longer. A high-end washing machine has more than 70% of the specifications in the table above.

Mid-range wash quality

Washing machine mid-range washing quality

If you want to be sure your laundry will come out of the drum clean, choose a washing machine with a mid-range washing quality. A mid-range washing machine has at least 50% of the specifications from the table above. Some mid-range washing machines have a self-cleaning detergent drawer, which rinses the soap dish with water after every cycle. This prevents soap residue from building up, which causes bacteria and unpleasant odors. Basic washing machines don't have this feature.

Basic wash quality

Washing machine basic washing quality

If you're looking for an affordable washing machine, without bells and whistles, a washing machine with a basic washing quality is suitable for you. A basic washing machine has less than 50% of the specifications from the table above. You'll have to dose the right amount of detergent yourself. To prevent built-up soap residue, you have to clean the detergent drawer manually.


If you're looking for a washing machine with extra functions, choose a washing machine with mid-range washing quality or up. Do you want the best washing result and don't mind spending money on that? Choose a high-end washing machine. Washing machines in this price category have drum cleaning, a self-cleaning detergent drawer, or automatic detergent feed. You'll hardly have to worry about your laundry,and your washing machine and clothes stay free of bacteria and odors.

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