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What load capacity does my washing machine need?

A washing machine's load capacity determines how many kilograms of laundry fit in it. The higher the load capacity, the more clothes you can put in. When you buy a new washing machine, pay attention to the load capacity. That way, you'll be sure to have the right washing machine for your household.

1 or 2 people

A washing machine with a 7kg load capacity is suitable for a household of 1 to 2 people. You can do the laundry multiple times a week with it. Maybe you're wondering how much 7kg of laundry is. You can see how many clothes that is in the following video.

Family with 1 or 2 children

A washing machine with room for 8kg of laundry can be used for a family with 1 or 2 children. If you have a 4-person household, a machine with an 8kg load capacity is very suitable.

Family with 3 children or more

With a washing machine with a 9kg load capacity, you can do the laundry of a family with 3 or more children. Do you have a big family, or do you wash more than average? Make sure to get a spacious washing machine, so you can be sure to fit all your laundry in the machine in one go.

Not sure about the load capacity?

Do you save your laundry as long as you can, so you can do an extra-large load of laundry every once in a while? In that case, 2 people might not need 7, but 8kg. With it, you can wash a lot of laundry in one go. If you're getting a larger model, consider getting a washing machine with a load sensor. It adjusts the cycle to the amount of laundry. That's useful for when you don't have as much laundry, so you won't use more power than necessary.

Difference per washing cycle

Not all washing cycles are suitable for a full load of laundry. With some cycles, you only fill the washing machine halfway, like with an extra-fast cycle or a delicate silk cycle. In your washing machine's manual, you can read for how many kilograms each washing cycle is suitable.

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