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How much energy and water does a washing machine use?

You're looking for an energy-efficient washing machine. If you want to know how much energy a washing machine uses, check the energy label. Since 1 March 2021, there's a new label that indicates the energy and water consumption. This way, you know how energy-efficient the washing machine is and how much you pay each year. Here, you can read about the average consumption and how much you save with an energy-efficient washing machine.

Energy consumption washing machine

Energy label Annual energy consumption Annual energy costs Savings per year (compared to F) Savings after 10 years
A 99kWh € 23 € 22 € 220
B 114kWh € 26 € 19 € 190
C 130kWh € 30 € 15 € 150
D 152kWh € 35 € 10 € 100
E 172kWh € 40 € 5 € 50
F 194kWh € 45 € 0 € 0

Energy savings after 10 years

Washing machine

You want to know how much an energy-efficient washing machine saves over 10 years. If you buy a washing machine with an A energy label, you save an average of € 22 per year compared to a model with an F energy label, which is the least energy-efficient. After 10 years, you've saved an average of € 220 on your energy bill. That's why it's smart to buy an energy-efficient model.

Water consumption washing machine

Energy label Annual water use Water costs per year
A 10.499 liters € 14.69
B 11.166 liters € 15.63
C 8.383 liters € 11.74
D 10.148 liters € 14.21
E 9.989 liters € 13.99
F 10.071 liters € 14.10

Water consumption on energy label

Water consumption energy label washing machine

You can also find the water consumption on the energy label. This indicates how much water the washing machine uses per cycle for the Eco 40-60 cycle. Just like the energy consumption, the water consumption is calculated based on an average of 220 cycles per year. This way, you get an idea of the costs. The average costs are based on a rate of € 0.0014 per liter. Keep in mind that the consumption can differ per energy label. Each model can have different water-saving technologies.

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