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How much energy does a dryer use?

You want an energy-efficient dryer. To know how much energy a dryer uses, you pay attention to the annual consumption. You can find this on the energy label. The more economical the dryer, the more energy you save. Do you want the most economical dryer? Buy a dryer with energy label A+++.

Energy consumption dryer

Average consumption per year Annual energy costs Savings per year (compared to class B) Savings after 5 years Savings throughout lifespan
A+++ 170kWh € 39 € 75 € 375 € 999
A++ 209kWh € 48 € 66 € 330 € 838
A+ 248kWh € 57 € 57 € 285 € 640
B 496kWh € 114 € 0 € 0 € 0

Calculate energy costs

Energy label dryer

The annual energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) can be found on the right of the energy label. The EU estimates 160 drying cycles per year. You pay approximately € 0.23 per kWh. To calculate your average energy costs, multiply the energy consumption in kWh by € 0.23. You pay this annually in energy costs.

Energy-saving over lifespan


You always save energy with a heat pump dryer. To calculate what you save during the entire lifespan, we use of energy savings over life. This estimate assumes that a heat pump dryer will last approximately 12 years. We compare that to a condenser dryer, which isn't energy-efficient. If you buy an A+++ heat pump dryer for 3 or 4 people, this saves you an average of € 75 per year. Over the entire lifespan, you save up to € 999.

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