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How much energy does a dryer use?

You're looking for an energy-efficient dryer. To know how much energy your dryer consumes, you can look at the energy label. Do you want the most energy-efficient dryer? Buy a heat pump dryer with an A+++ energy label. Here, you can read how much a dryer consumes and what you have to keep in mind when you buy an energy-efficient dyer.

Energy-efficient dryer

If you want to dry energy-efficiently, buy an A+++ heat pump dryer. This dryer is energy-efficient, thanks to the low drying temperature. This way, you consume less energy and your laundry stays like new. You save almost € 90 per year compared to a condenser dryer with a B energy label. We base this on 8kg load capacity. With an A+++ dryer, you can save more than € 443 on your energy costs after 5 years. That's why it's smart to buy a heat pump dryer.

Calculate energy costs

Energy label dryer

The annual energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) can be found on the right of the energy label. The EU estimates 160 drying cycles per year. You pay approximately € 0.23 per kWh. To calculate your average energy costs, multiply the energy consumption in kWh by € 0.23. You pay this annually in energy costs.

Energy savings after 10 years


Now you know how that you save the most energy with an A+++ heat pump dryer. To calculate what you save in the long run, we take an 8kg model and assume a period of 10 years. We'll compare the dryer with a condense dryer, which isn't energy-efficient. Imagine that you buy an A+++ heat pump dryer with an 8kg load capacity. You'll save almost € 89 per year on average. After 10 years, you've saves almost € 890 on your energy costs.

Energy consumption dryer (8kg laundry)

Average consumption per year Annual energy costs Savings per year (compared to class B) Savings after 5 years Savings after 10 years
A+++ 175kWh € 40.25 € 88.78 € 443.90 € 887.90
A++ 235kWh € 54.05 € 74.98 € 374.90 € 749.80
A+ 309kWh € 71.07 € 57.96 € 289.80 € 579.60
B 561kWh € 129.03 € 0 € 0 € 0

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