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Advice on dryers

Which dryer you should buy depends on how much laundry you want to dry and whether you're looking for an energy-efficient dryer. You connect the dryer with a condensation drain hose if you have a drain. That way, you won't have to empty the water reservoir. You can also take out a dryer subscription if you want. Here, you can read what to keep in mind when buying a dryer.

Choosing a dryer

Heat pump dryer vs condenser dryer

When buying a dryer, you can choose between a heat pump dryer or a condenser dryer. With both types of dryers, the water ends up in a condenser reservoir or can be removed via the drain with a hose. An A+++ heat pump dryer is most energy-efficient and is better for the environment and your clothing. With energy label B, a condensation dryer is least energy-efficient.

Energy consumption

Energy label heat pump dryer

The energy label of a dryer shows you which energy label the dryer has. This tells you whether the appliance uses a lot of energy or not. If you want an energy-efficient dryer, you should opt for an A+++ heat pump dryer. This will help you save up to € 75 per year compared to using a condenser dryer.

Load capacity

Dryer with full laundry basket

Which dryer suits your household depends on how many kilos of laundry fit in the dryer. Do you have to dry the laundry of a large household? Make sure you choose a large load capacity when you buy your dryer. Read the advice article to check how what load capacity you need.

Noise level

Noise level silent dryer

If you want to install your dryer close to your living room or bedroom, you should keep its noise level into account. A silent dryer has a noise level of up to 64 decibels. You can find this information on the energy label. In this case, you won't be bothered by any noise.

Build quality

Dryer with self-cleaning condenser

Do you want a good dryer that will last a long time? If so, opt for a dryer with a high-end building quality. In the high-end range, there are models available with a self-cleaning condenser. With these models, the heat exchanger rinses itself while drying, which makes sure the dryer is energy-efficient.

Condensation efficiency

Condensation efficiency dryer

A dryer collects the water from your laundry in a condensation water tank or removes this via the drain. In addition to this, a part of the water always escapes via the drum door. We call this moisture emission. Want to install your dryer in a small room? If so, purchase a dryer with a condensation efficiency of 5% or less. This way, you won't have mold on your walls.

Dryer subscriptions


With a dryer subscription, you can dry your laundry energy-efficiently for a fixed amount per month. This way, you have a dryer at your disposal that always works and you'll save on energy. With the subscription, you don't have to spend large amounts of money in one go. There won't be any unexpected costs either. If the dryer is broken, we'll exchange it for a replacement one. Are you going to move? We'll move the dryer with you, free of charge.

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