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What is an environmentally-friendly dryer?

An environmentally-friendly dryer is more than just energy-efficient. It also has a long lifespan and remains economical during that time. At Coolblue, a dryer is environmentally-friendly if it has energy class A+++, a mid-range or high-end build quality and a partially or completely self-cleaning condenser.

Now energy-efficient: energy label A+++

Energy efficient dryer

The most obvious feature of an environmentally-friendly dryer is that it is energy-efficient. This means that the dryer has the best energy label: energy label A+++. CO2 is released during the generation of electricity. It is precisely this CO2 that is responsible for global warming. An energy-efficient dryer is an environmentally conscious choice.

Long lifespan: mid-range or high-end build quality

Brushless motor

The longer a dryer lasts, the better it is for the environment. An environmentally-friendly dryer has a mid-range or high-end build quality. It consists of high-quality and often durable materials, such as stainless steel. As a result, the dryer lasts up to 3000 cycles longer than a basic dryer. Ultimately, this means fewer new dryers and therefore fewer raw materials are needed.

Later energy-efficient: self-cleaning condenser

Self-cleaning condenser dryer

In principle, an old dryer uses more energy. This is due to lint on the condenser. Lint and dirt mean that the dryer must work harder, dries less, and uses more energy. An environmentally-friendly dryer prevents higher energy consumption by rinsing the condenser completely or partially during drying.

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