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What is moisture emission?

Your clothes dryer collects moisture from your clothes in a condensation tray. If you have a water drain, the moisture will flush through a hose. What not everyone knows is that your dryer also blows some warm air into your room. This is called moisture emission. Do you have a small laundry room or a poorly ventilated room? Then choose a clothes dryer with very low moisture emissions.

Warm air into your room

Wet windows

With every dryer, there is moisture emission. Whether a tumble dryer emits much or little moisture has to do with the seal around the drum door. The stronger the seal, the less hot air your clothes dryer loses. With low moisture emissions you do not suffer from fogged windows or mold on your walls. There will be as much moisture as possible in the right place: in your condensation tray or via the hose. We also speak of a high condensation efficiency. So remember well: high condensation efficiency, low moisture emissions.

Very low moisture emissions

Dryer with very low moisture emissions

Do you put your clothes dryer in a small laundry room or a room without windows? Then choose a dryer with very low moisture emissions. It has a moisture emission of 5% or less. Or a condensation efficiency of 95% or more. With dryers from Miele for example, there is a seal of Kevlar fibers around the drum door. As a result, as little moisture as possible escapes. You therefore do not suffer from fogged windows or mold on your walls.

Low moisture emissions

Dryer with low moisture emissions

A dryer with low moisture emissions loses 6 to 10% moisture. This is the percentage of hot air that the dryer will blow into your laundry room. The remaining part ends up in your condensation tray or rinses away via the condensation drain hose. This is a condensation efficiency of 90 to 94%. In a clothes dryer that you put in a small laundry room, you choose a model with low or very low moisture emissions.

Average moisture emissions

Dryer with average moisture emission

If you put your dryer in a large room with windows that open, you have less trouble with warm air. It does not matter that your dryer has an average moisture emission. The dryer will lose 11% moisture or more. The condensation efficiency is then 89% or less. By opening the windows during or after drying, you do not have a stale room. Or switch on the bathroom fan.

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