Energy-saving over lifespan
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Environmentally friendly
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Drying preferences
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Type of dryer
Type of dryer Explanation

Maximum load capacity, drying
Maximum load capacity, drying Explanation

Condensation drain
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Maximum noise level
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Household size
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Self-cleaning condenser
Self-cleaning condenser Explanation

Build quality
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Annual energy costs
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Cycle duration cotton full load
Cycle duration cotton full load Explanation

Dryer cycles
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Glass door
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Reversable door
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Brand-specific functions
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Energy label
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Coolblue's Choice
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Review score
Review score

Miele dryers

Miele dryers

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Our choice for a fast heat pump dryer
Our choice for a fast heat pump dryer
  • Energy-saving over lifespan: 838 euros
  • Environmentally friendly: Average
  • Drying preferences: Fresh smelling laundry, Prevents shrinking, Reduces wear
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