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What is the build quality of a dryer?

The build quality of a tumble dryer determines how long you enjoy your dryer. To indicate the difference, we distinguish top class, middle class and base class quality. The build quality does not only affect the life of your clothes dryer. For example, it also determines whether you have a lot of or little problems with moisture emissions.

In short

To assess the build quality of a tumble dryer, we take these specifications into account:

  • Stainless steel drum: wears less quickly, so your clothes stay nice for longer.
  • Stainless steel door hinge: less risk of rust, which means the door of the dryer stays open smoothly.
  • Carbon brushless motor: consumes less energy and wears less quickly because there are no carbon brushes.
  • Housing made of metal with enamel: the enamel protection layer at the front prevents scratches and discoloration.
  • Low moisture emissions: due to low moisture emissions, you have less problems with moisture and mold in a small space.
  • Self-cleaning condenser: ensures that condenser remains clean and your dryer always does.
  • Anti-vibration walls: reduces vibration and noise due to the special pattern on the walls.
  • Cleaning indicators: give a signal when it is necessary to clean the condenser and fluff filter.

Top class: carbon brushless motor

Brushless motor

Do you want a solid clothes dryer that lasts as long as possible? Then choose a tumble dryer with build quality top class. At least 70% of the above specifications are present. Almost all top class dryers have a carbon brushless motor. The engine will wear less quickly and your dryer will last longer. Do you want to put the dryer in a small room, buy a top class dryer with low moisture emissions. Thanks to an extra strong seal around the drum door, as little moisture as possible escapes. That way, your windows and walls do not fall as quickly.

Mid-range: self-cleaning

Self-cleaning condenser dryer

Do you prefer little to no maintenance? Then buy at least a middle class model with a self-cleaning condenser. The washer dryer rinses clean during drying and the tumble dryer remains energy-efficient. A middle class tumble dryer meets more than 50% of the above specifications. For example, there is a standard stainless steel drum and you do not have to worry that the drum will wear or rust. Your clothes therefore remain longer as new.

Basic class: more maintenance

Condenser basic dryer

If you do not want to spend too much money, opt for a tumble dryer with building quality base class. Please note that it generally does not last as long as a middle or top class dryer. This is because a basic model has less than 50% of the above specifications. Also keep in mind that you have the most maintenance with a basic grade tumble dryer. To prevent the dryer from drying out for longer, clean the condenser every month. This is better for your clothes.

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