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Vented dryers

Coolblue has stopped selling vented dryers, also known as air drain dryers. Of course we understand that you want to know more about this. That is why we provide answers to your questions here.

Why did Coolblue stop selling vented dryers?

Energy label vented dryer

As you know, Coolblue has one goal: to make customers happy. We do this by helping you make the right choice for a dryer. In addition to creating a smile, we also like to think about the environment. That is why we no longer sell drain dryers. These dryers use the most energy with energy label C: an average of € 115 per year. This is almost 3 times as much as the energy consumption of an A+++ heat pump dryer.

What do I buy now?

Instead of a vented dryer you now have a choice of a condenser dryer or a heat pump dryer. The drain method only works slightly differently. With a condenser and heat pump dryer, the moisture from your laundry ends up in a reservoir. It is important that you often empty this. If you don't feel like doing this, connect a condensation drain hose to the water drain. Because of this you never have to empty the condensation tray. Although the dryers work the same, they also have differences. You can find this in the table below.

Condenser dryers vs. heat pump dryers

Condenser dryers Heat pump dryers
Drain options Water reservoir/condensation drain hose Water reservoir/condensation drain hose
Purchase price Average High
Energy consumption High Low
Drying temperature High Low
Better for your laundry No (due to high temperature) Yes (due to low temperature)


Condenser dryer with energy label

Condenser dryer

Do you want a cheaper dryer that dries quickly, but still uses more energy than a heat pump dryer? Then choose a condenser dryer. The high temperature is not as good for your clothes and the environment, though.

Heat pump dryer with energy label

Heat pump dryer

Do you prefer an energy-efficient dryer that's good for your clothes and the environment because of the low temperature? Then buy a heat pump dryer. This is the most energy-efficient dryer there is. You save a lot of energy every year.

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