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5 tips for sustainable drying

There are many different ways to dry in an energy-efficient way, so you can save energy with your dryer. For example, by purchasing a heat pump dryer and regularly cleaning the condenser. This isn't just better for your energy bill, but also for the environment. In this article, you can find 5 tips to dry in an energy-efficient way.

Get started with drying in an energy-efficient way


If you want to dry in an energy-efficient way, use these tips:

  • Tip 1: purchase a heat pump dryer
  • Tip 2: use the spin cycle in advance
  • Tip 3: maintain your dryer
  • Tip 4: choose an automatic program
  • Tip 5: hang out your laundry to dry

Tip 1: purchase a heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer energy label

If you really want to dry in an energy-efficient way, you purchase a heat pump dryer. This is very energy-efficient at drying your laundry. The most energy-efficient is a heat pump dryer with A+++ energy label. With one of these, you save an average of 75 euros each year, compared to a condenser dryer. Thanks to the lower drying temperature, you save on energy costs and your laundry looks nice for longer. That means you don't have to worry that your favorite sweater shrinks.

Tip 2: spin your laundry in advance

Washing machine 1600RPM

Before you put your laundry in the dryer, use the spin cycle on your washing machine at the highest spin speed. You laundry gets driest in a washing machine with 1600RPM. Keep in mind that this high spin speed is usually only possible on the cotton cycle. The advantage is that your bedding doesn't need to be in the dryer as long, which saves you time and energy. Use a lower spin speed for delicate laundry, so it doesn't wear as much.

Tip 3: maintain your dryer

Rinse condenser of dryer

You have to maintain your dryer if you want to dry in an energy-efficient way. You do this by emptying the lint trap after every dry cycle. This is located in the drum opening on most dryers. Open the filter and remove the large dust parts manually. Give the condenser at the bottom of the dryer a good clean every few months as well. With a condenser dryer, you rinse the condenser under the faucet. If you have a heat pump dryer, you vacuum the condenser clean with a vacuum brush.

Tip 4: choose an automatic program

Laundry basket with clothes

Choose an automatic program that ends as soon as your laundry is dry. This is better than a time-based program, where you select a time yourself. With an automatic program, the humidity sensors keep an eye on your laundry during the drying process. This way, the dryer ends the cycle at the exact right moment and your laundry isn't in the drum for longer than necessary.

Tip 5: hang your laundry out to dry

Drying rack with laundry

The most energy-efficient way to dry your laundry is on the drying rack or umbrella drying rack. This is smart when you don't have a dryer, but it's also convenient if it's nice weather outside. You don't use any energy, so you save on your energy costs. In addition, it's better for the environment and your wash looks good as new for longer.

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