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What is a heat pump dryer?

A heat pump dryer is the most energy-efficient dryer and it protects your laundry thanks to the low drying temperature. With an A+++ heat pump dryer, you can save an average of up to €75 on annual energy costs. This is because the dryer works with a pump and a coolant. Here, you can read what a heat pump dryer has to offer and how it works.

Pros heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer energy label
  • Better for the environment.
  • Better for your energy bill.
  • Your laundry will stay beautiful longer thanks to the low temperature.
  • Drain via reservoir or water drain.

Cons heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryer cycle duration
  • Longer drying time due to the low temperature.
  • More expensive.

How does a heat pump dryer work?

Heat pump dryer

A heat pump dryer doesn't use a heating element, but a heat pump and a cooling agent. The pump changes the cooling agent from a gas to a liquid. The heat that is released in this process heats the airflow to the drum. While drying, moist air is released from your laundry. The cooling agent cools this air, which means condensation comes into the reservoir. The dry air reheats the pump. By reusing the air, you don't need as much energy.

Condensation drain

Condensation drain hose

While drying, the moisture from your clothes is collected in a condensation water tank. Do you have a drain hose? Connect the heat pump dryer to it with a condensation drain hose. This means you no longer have to empty the condensation water tank. Make sure that the heat pump dryer can be drained. Does the dryer have a connection, but is there no hose included? Purchase one separately.


A heat pump dryer is relatively more expensive and takes slightly longer to dry, but annually uses € 75 less on energy costs than a condensation dryer. Do you think about the environment and want your clothes to last longer, purchase an A++ or A+++ heat pump dryer.

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