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What is the difference between a washer-dryer combo and a set?

Whether you're going to buy a washer dryer combo or a washing machine and dryer separately, depends on how much space you have at home. A set takes up a little more space, but has more drying capacity, is more energy-efficient, and is faster. To help you on your way, here are the most important differences between a washer dryer combo and a set.

In short

Washer dryer combo Washing machine and dryer set
Takes up little space Yes No
Has the same washing and drying capacity No Yes
Consumes less energy No Yes
Washing and drying takes less time No Yes


Washer dryer combo advantages

A washer dryer combo is a washing machine and dryer in one, so your washer dryer combo takes up relatively little space. Useful if you have a small home and there's no room for 2 devices. If you have a washer dryer combo, you only need one device, so it's cheaper and you won't have to transfer your wet laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.

Washing machine and dryer set advantages

If you buy a washing machine and dryer with the same load capacity, you can dry your wet laundry at once. That means you don't have to dry part of your laundry separately. Although a set is more expensive, the energy costs are considerably lower than those of a washer dryer combo. In the long term, you'll save money. You'll also have clean clothes faster if you have separate devices.


Washer dryer combo disadvantages

A washer dryer combo has less drying capacity than washing capacity. That's why you have to dry part of your wet laundry on a clothesline. Don't want that? You're forced to put less laundry in the drum. Another disadvantage is that the energy consumption of the washer dryer combo is much higher than the energy consumption of a separate washer and dryer. In addition, cycles take longer.

Washing machine and dryer set disadvantages

Even though a washing machine and dryer set has more advantages than disadvantages, there is one big disadvantage. A separate washing machine and dryer take up more space. Fortunately, you can easily solve this by using a stacking kit to put the dryer on top of the washing machine. The room you put the set in has to be high enough, of course.

Usage costs

Annually, you'll pay more energy costs for your washer dryer combo than for a washing machine and dryer set. In the table below, you can find an indication of the difference. The average costs differ per model, and you can find it listed next to the product in our shop.

Use washer dryer combo (8kg washing capacity, 4kg drying capacity)

Annual energy and water use
Energy label A € 276.94
Energy label B € 326.08

Use set (8kg washing capacity, 8kg drying capacity)

Annual energy and water use
Washing machine A+++-10% and dryer A++ € 108,70
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