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How does a water seal work on a washing machine?

A water seal on your washing machine will protect you against water damage in case the washing machine unexpectedly leaks. When buying your washing machine, pay attention to how well it is secured. There are 3 types of leak protection: a bottom leak sensor, a safety hose, and overfill protection. The best is a washing machine that has all types. You can read here how a water seal works on your washing machine.

In short

Pro Con
Bottom leak sensor Protects against water damage if the washing machine leaks. Doesn't protect if the washing machine hose leaks.
Safety hose Protects against water damage if the hose itself bursts or leaks. Doesn't protect against water damage if the machine leaks.
Overfill protection Prevents the drum from overflowing due to too much water. Does not offer protection if the drum leaks or the hose leaks or snaps.

Integrated water seals

1. Bottom leak sensor

The bottom leak sensor is literally a sensor at the bottom of your washing machine. Washing machines with bottom leak sensors always have built-in drip trays. When the machine leaks, the drip tray will collect the water that comes out. The bottom leak sensor will register this and turn off the machine. In some cases, it will also shut off the water supply. This way, the bottom leak sensor prevents the water from ending up on your floor.

2. Safety hose

A washing machine inlet hose with a water seal consists of an inner and an outer house. When the inner hose breaks, the outer hose will collect the water and stop the water supply. You'll recognize this water seal by the thickening at the end of the hose. This hose often comes with the washing machine itself, but it's also available separately.

3. Overfill protection

A washing machine with overfill protection measures the water level inside the drum. If too much water is in the drum due to a malfunction, it will immediately pump out the excess water. The water level will go back to normal and the drum won't overflow. This form of protection is focused only on the drum and doesn't protect against, for example, leaking hoses in the washing machine itself.

Separate water stop components

Drip tray

Apart from built-in leak protection for your washing machine, there are also accessories that protect against water damage. You'll need to purchase these separately.

Drip tray

You place a drip tray under the washing machine. It will collect the water as soon as it comes out. There's no need for a drip tray if the washing machine has leak protection.

Water stop

Water stop

You should place a separate water stop between the faucet and the supply hose. You can decide by yourself how much water should flow through the water stop at a time. When the supply hose breaks, or something inside the machine comes loose, the water supply will stop after reaching the set maximum. Note: this is often enough to ruin your floor. We recommend the water stop in combination with a drip tray.

Supply hose with safety system

Supply hose with safety system

A supply hose with a safety system is a sturdy hose that consists of an inner and an outer hose. When the inner hose breaks, the outer hose will collect the water. This way, the aqua stop will activate and shut off the washing machine's water supply.

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