Washing machine issues

Your washing machine is leaking, making a noise, stinking, or showing an error code on the display. Fortunately, you can read here how you can solve this problem quickly and easily. For example, by cleaning the drain filter. Or by leveling the washing machine.

Washing machine error

Washing machine error

If your washing machine doesn't work anymore, because it can't drain its water or no water reaches the drum, for example, the display of your washing machine will show an error notification. To find out what's up, we've listed the most frequently occurring errors by brand.

Washing machine makes a noise

Calibrate s Samsung washing machine

Help, your washing machine vibrates and makes noise. That might be because the washing machine is on a wooden floor or isn't level. It's important that you level the washing machine on a hard floor. Do you have a Samsung washing machine? You'll also have to calibrate it. This is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Washing machine is leaking

Washing machine supply

If your washing machine leaks, this can have various causes. First check whether the inlet and outlet hoses are tight on both sides. Another reason may be that laundry is stuck in the door. This leaks water into the bottom drawer from the front. It is then important to disconnect the washing machine from the power and temporarily tilt the appliance. Turn off the tap completely. You can read here what you should do if your washing machine leaks.

Washing machine smells

Washing machine drum

Does your washing machine smell? If so, switch on the drum cleaning or a cotton program at 90°C. Make sure that the drum is completely empty and do not use detergent. Next, clean the rubber ring by the drum. You do this with soapy water and hot water. Then open the cover for the drain filter at the bottom of the washing machine. When emptying this filter you catch the water with a bowl. Read here how to remove the smell from your washing machine.

Connect your washing machine

Connect your washing machine

If you're moving and want to take your washing machine with you, read how to connect a washing machine her. It's not only useful when you move, but also when you install a new washing machine yourself. If you buy a device at Coolblue, then this is of course not necessary. Our delivery drivers take all the work off your hands.

Connect the washing machine to WiFi

Connect the washing machine to WiFi

If you have a washing machine with WiFi, you can operate your washing machine wherever and whenever you want with your smartphone or tablet. You can switch on your washing machine remotely via your screen and you see exactly when your laundry is ready. But how do you connect your washing machine to your smartphone or tablet? Our washing machine expert will be happy to explain how to do this.

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