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How to get rid of the smell in a washing machine?

If your washing machine smells, your clothes will start smelling too. It's time to rid your washing machine of that smell. On this page, we'll give you step-by-step instructions to help you get your smelly washing machine (and your clothes, of course) smelling lemony fresh again.

In just a few small steps, you can get rid of the smell of a washing machine. You could run a hot cycle, clean the rubber ring, empty the washing machine filter, or rinse the detergent drawer. We'll walk you through all these steps.

Step 1: run a high-temperature cycle

Make sure the drum is empty, select a washing cycle with a temperature of 90 or 95 degrees Celsius, and press start. The hot water will wash away suds and grease, so your drum will be clean and bacteria-free again quickly. For an extra clean result, you can run the cycle with 2 dishwasher tablets in the drum. Leave the washing machine door open for a few hours afterwards, so the drum can dry completely.

Step 2: clean the rubber ring

There's a lot of dirt in the rubber ring of the washing machine door. That's not strange, as a lot of the dirt disappears to your washing machine filter via the rubber. To clean the ring, add a splash of dish soap to hot water. Soak a clean cloth in the water and wipe the entire rubber ring. You can carefully scrub away stubborn dirt with an old toothbrush. As soon as you can't see any dirt anymore, you can clean the rubber with a clean cloth.

Step 3: empty the washing machine filter

The washing machine filter is hidden behind a small hatch at the front of your washing machine. Place an empty tub under the filter, open the hatch, and empty the washing machine via the little drain hose before carefully removing the filter. The filter prevents loose objects from getting into the pump, so you might finally find that one lost sock or a handful of change. You can simply rinse the gray goo from the filter with warm water from the faucet. Once it's clean, you can put the filter back again and close the hatch.

Step 4: wipe the detergent drawer

The solution that takes the least time, but is very effective nonetheless: cleaning the detergent drawer. Carefully remove the detergent drawer from your washing machine. The way to do this varies for each brand, so have a look at your washing machine's manual when in doubt. Rinse any suds under a warm faucet and clean all parts with a clean cloth.

Prevention is better than cure

Now that your washing machine is entirely clean again, you want it to stay that way. The good news is that this doesn't take a lot of effort at all. You don't have to do everything in 1 go. For example, you can run a 90-degree cycle every month, and plan a moment to clean the rubber and the filter again in 6 months. Added bonus: your washing machine will last a lot longer, too.

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