How do I wash my clothes?

If you clean your clothes, you don't want them to end up 2 sizes smaller or a different color. When doing laundry, it's important to pay attention to a number of things. In this article, you can read how to clean your clothes the best way.

Sorting laundry

Laundry in laundry basket

Before you start washing your clothes, it's important to sort your laundry. This way, you make sure the fabric and color of your clothes stays good for longer. You make 3 stacks based on color, and then divide your laundry based on fabric type and the temperature stated on the washing label.

Washing instructions

Washing label with symbols

Always check the washing instructions on the inside of your clothes before you wash your laundry. Based on the washing instructions, you'll know exactly how to wash your clothing. For example, you can find at what temperature you can wash a piece of clothing and which washing cycle you should use.

Washing cycle

Detergent drawer

Depending on the washing machine model, the control panel lets you choose from general washing cycles for cotton and woolens, and specific cycles for bedding and dress shirts. To save energy, you can use an eco cycle to wash at lower temperatures for a longer time.


Automatic detergent feed

You can choose from detergents for colored, white, or dark laundry. There's also a special detergent for fabrics like wool. This detergent produces extra foam to minimize friction between the laundry. Other than that, you can also choose between powder detergent and liquid detergent.

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