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What does each washing cycle do?

In this article, I'll tell you all about the various washing cycles your washing machine may have and what exactly they're for. That way, you'll know which washing cycle is best to use for your laundry.

General washing cycles

  • Cotton: The default washing cycle for washing cotton laundry. This washing cycle is also used when taking measurements for the energy label.
  • Synthetic: Use this washing cycle for synthetic fabric. Synthetic means it's not made of natural material. Think of viscose, nylon, acrylic, or polyester.
  • Hand cycle: A hand washing cycle for washing delicate fabric that you'd normally wash by hand.
  • Quick cycle: Use quick cycles to quickly wash half a drum full of slightly dirty laundry.
  • Freshen up: With a freshen-up cycle, you'll freshen up about 2 to 3 kilos of laundry in 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Wool: Your woolen clothes will be washed safely with this washing cycle.

Specific washing cycles

In addition to the general washing cycles, washing machines often have a number of cycles for specific applications. Below, you'll read what these specific washing cycles are for.

  • Anti-allergy: An anti-allergy cycle includes more rinsing and washes at a higher temperature for a longer time. This removes allergens.
  • Baby clothes: Cycles for baby clothing wash at a higher temperature for a longer time, in order to get an extra hygienic result. They also rinse more in order to remove any leftover laundry detergent from the laundry.
  • Bedding: Specially for washing bedding.
  • Dark laundry: A cycle for dark laundry ensures the laundry will retain its color for longer.
  • Down: For all laundry that's filled with down. Think of pillows, sleeping bags, and down jackets.
  • Mixed laundry: Mixed-laundry cycles are meant for washing synthetic and cotton laundry together.
  • Curtains: This cycle is specially meant for curtains. On this cycle, your curtains will first be pre-rinsed extra thoroughly, in order to remove dust.
  • Impregnate: Impregnate cycles are meant to keep outdoor clothing, which is specially impregnated, waterproof.
  • Jeans: Specially meant for washing jeans fabric.
  • Outdoor clothes: For washing microfiber outdoor clothes.
  • Dress shirts: This cycle is gentle on your dress shirts and ensures they won't wrinkle as much.
  • Sports clothes: Specially meant for sports clothes, rinsing on this cycle is done carefuly.
  • Stains: There are washing machines that wash more intensely with a stain cycle, with attention for specific stains like grease stains, grass stains, or wine stains.
  • Silk: For safely washing silk.

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