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What does each washing cycle do?

In this article, I'll tell you all about the various washing cycles your washing machine may have and what exactly they're for. Often, the names of the washing programs already indicate that. Cotton for cotton laundry and wool for wool clothing.

General washing cycles

  • Cotton: The default washing cycle for washing cotton laundry. This washing cycle is also used when taking measurements for the energy label.
  • Synthetic: Use this washing cycle for synthetic fabric.
  • Hand cycle: A hand washing cycle for washing delicate fabric that you'd normally wash by hand.
  • Quick cycle: Use quick cycles to quickly wash half a drum full of slightly dirty laundry.
  • Freshen up: With a freshen-up cycle, you'll freshen up about 2 to 3 kilos of laundry in 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Wool: Your woolen clothes will be washed safely with this washing cycle.

Washing cycles for fabrics and clothing types

Washing programs for specific fabrics

In addition to the standard washing cycles, a number of washing machines also have programs that focus on a certain type of fabric or type of clothing. The names of these programs often speak for themselves; silk for the silk laundry and jeans for jeans. Terms such as outdoor clothing, bedding, and baby clothing are also self-evident.

Washing cycles with a specific function

Washing programs for specific fabrics

Some washing programs don't focus on a type of fabric, but have a specific function. Examples of this are the anti-allergy program and the impregnation program. The impregnation program keeps your outdoor clothing water-repellent with a special impregnating agent. The anti-allergy program uses more rinses and washes at a higher temperature, so you'll be less itchy.

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