Written by Jeroen

Where does the detergent go?

Yay, your new washing machine has finally arrived! You fill the drum with your dirty laundry and set the washing cycle you want. All that's left now is adding the detergent to the washing machine. Where does the detergent go? I'll explain it to you in this article.

Where does the detergent go

Most detergent trays have 3 washing machine compartments for your detergent. Each compartment has a symbol on it. This indicates whether it's for the main wash, the prewash, or the fabric softener.

Main cycle (II)

The detergent for the main cycle goes into the slot marked "II" (or 2). This is the most frequently-used slot. The amount of detergent you put in it depends on how dirty your laundry is. You can read the dosage on the detergent packaging.

Pre-wash cycle (I)

If your laundry is very dirty, you can prewash it. This is a function that allows you to rinse your laundry before properly washing it. For such laundry, you use the compartment that's labeled by an "I" (or 1). This option is not available on every washing cycle.

Fabric softener (*)

Put your fabric softener in the compartment that's labeled by a star or a flower. This is usually the smallest compartment of the drawer. If you use fabric softener, your laundry will feel nice and soft. It also makes the laundry smell fresh. Make sure you don't use more than indicated.

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