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Washing machine subscriptions

Lease a washing machine for a fixed price per month.
After 1 year, it can be canceled free of charge every month
Washing machine broken? Repaired for free or get a replacement

Washing machine subscriptions

App your service.
Lease a washing machine for a fixed price per month.
After 1 year, it can be canceled free of charge every month
Washing machine broken? Repaired for free or get a replacement

The advantages of leasing a washing machine

Fixed amount per month

An advantage of leasing a washing machine is that you pay a fixed amount per month. That way, you don't make a big purchase in one go. You also won't face unexpected costs. We'll debit the amount from your account monthly by direct debit.

Carefree washing

With a subscription, you have a washing machine that always works. We'll connect it for you for free. If you change your mind within 30 days, we'll pick up the product from your home for free. Did the washing machine break? We'll fix it within 48 hours or we'll exchange the machine for you. If you're moving, we'll move the washing machine with your for free.

Sustainable choice

Leasing a washing machine is also a sustainable choice. You save the most with an A, B, or C energy label. You get an energy-efficient washing machine. Good for the environment and your wallet. When you return it, we'll ensure that old models get a second life by refurbishing them.

How does leasing a washing machine work?


To lease a washing machine, you need to take an automatic test. During the first payment we require a one-time payment for your subscription. After that, you can pay by direct debit. The first direct debit is for the current and next month.


After payment, you choose a delivery date. Coolblue will install and connect the washing machine for you for free. After installation, you get some more convenience. The washing machine remains the property of Coolblue, but we'll arrange a repair or replacement if it breaks.

Flexible in use

After one year, you have the option to cancel the washing machine subscription monthly. We'll pick up the product from you for free. You can also transfer the subscription to someone else. That's useful if you're a student in a student house, for example.

Frequently asked questions

What products do you have subscriptions for?

We currently only offer subscriptions for washing machines, dryers, washer dryer combinations, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, and fully automatic machines.

What if my washing machine breaks?

If the product breaks, you can contact Customer Service. We'll ensure that it's repaired or replaced within 48 hours for free. Without worrying about warranty terms and repair costs.

When can I cancel my subscription?

After taking out your subscription, you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel the agreement without reason. After that, the contract will run for at least 1 year.

Can I also buy the washing machine?

Yes, after 12 months it's possible to buy the washing machine from Coolblue. You can contact our Customer Service for this and they'll make a price proposal based on the sales price, how long the subscription ran, and what the lifespan of the product is.

Is there a BKR registration for washing machine subscriptions?

No. You lease a washing machine without BKR registration. We only use your data to do the test.

Where does Coolblue lease washing machines?

We lease our washing machines everywhere in The Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. The Wadden Islands are excluded.

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