Everything on washing machine errors

You have a washing machine error, help. The drain is clogged, the water leaks, or there's too much foam in the drum, for example. Don't panic. You can solve most washing machine errors yourself. Based on the error code on the display, you'll find what each error means per brand. And even more importantly, how to solve it.

AEG error

AEG washing machine error code

Error code EF0, E10 or E20 are known errors of AEG washing machines. It's annoying when a problem occurs at your home, but luckily you can usually solve the problem yourself, without the help of a technician. Here, you can read here what you can do to be able to wash again.

Bosch and Siemens error

Bosch washing machine error code

A problem with the water drainage, a leak, or an error in the automatic dosing system could arise. No one wants this to happen of course, but it may happen to your Bosch or Siemens washing machine. Here, you can read what to do if your washing machine has an error.

Haier error

Haier washing machine error code

The motor doesn't work, there's too little water in the washing machine, or too much. Not good when you want to do your laundry quickly and smoothly. Here, you can find out which Haier error codes there are, and how you can solve the problem without the help of a technician.

Indesit error

Indesit washing machine error code

When you have an Indesit error, you also have to see what you can do yourself, before a technician comes over. Do you see error code F01, F02, or F11 on the display of your Indesit washing machine, for example? You might find a solution to this problem here.

LG error

LG washing machine error code

You see IE, OE, or UE on the display of your LG washing machine, for example, but you don't know what this means. In the overview below, you can find what's going on with your LG washing machine and what you need to do to solve this.

Miele error

Miele washing machine error code

Do you see an F63 or F220 error message on the display of your washing machine, for example? If so, there's too much foam in the drum, or there is a problem with the water supply. Find out here which Miele errors there are and what you need to do to fix them yourself.

Samsung error

Samsung washing machine error code

Just like with other brands, your Samsung washing machine can also have an error. Whether you see error code 1E, 3E or 4C on the display, there's a solution possible for every error. Here you can read what each error means, before you start rolling up your sleeves.

Whirlpool error

Whirlpool washing machine error code

Straighten the inlet hose or clean the drain filter, because it may just be the solution to your Whirlpool error. Here, you can read what the most common Whirlpool errors are and how to fix them.

Zanussi error

Zanussi washing machine error code

Before you call a technician, you can check if you can fix the Zanussi error yourself. For example, when the drain is clogged and water can't enter the drum. Here you can read which Zanussi errors there are and what you need to do to be able to wash again as soon as possible.

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