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The most common failures of AEG washing machines

If your AEG washing machine gives an error before, during, or after a cycle, that's a bummer. The washing machine usually shows an error notification or a code on the display. A lot of these AEG errors can be fixed. In this article, you can read what they mean and how you can fix them. You can reset your washing machine, for example.

AEG failure EF0 or EFO

AEG error EF0

Is there an error message EF0 or EFO on the display? This can have several causes. The drain filter may be clogged. Clean and replace the filter. You can find this filter on the front of your washing machine, at the bottom right behind a flap. Don't forget to have a towel or cup handy. It's also possible that you've used too much detergent, so there's too much foam in the machine. Start a program with an empty drum without detergent at 60°C. Finally, check whether there is enough water coming out of the tap.

AEG failure EH0 or EHO

AEG error EH0

Error message EH0 or EHO indicates that something is wrong with the power supply. First check if another device is working on this outlet. Is this not the case? If so, something is wrong with the installation at your home. Is another device functioning properly? If so, unplug your washing machine from the power outlet and wait 30 seconds. Next, plug in the power cord again. Try to switch on the washing machine, choose a washing program and press start.

AEG failure E10, C1 or F1

AEG error E10

When you see E10, C1 or F1 on the display, the washing machine doesn't get enough water. Open the tap fully and then close it. To be safe, place a towel under the supply hose and remove the plug from the socket. Disconnect the supply hose from the tap and clean the filter. After cleaning, reconnect the supply hose and the plug. Turn on the tap again. Also check that there is no kink in the hose. Is the hose broken? If so, connect a new one.

AEG failure E20, C2 or F2

AEG error E20

With an error message E20, your AEG washing machine doesn't drain the water. The drum may be full of water. This may be due to a clogged drain filter or another problem with the drain. Open the flap at the front of the washing machine at the bottom right. Remove the filter and clean it. Next, replace the filter. Check that there is no kink in the drain hose. Also make sure the drain hose is no higher than 1 meter above the washing machine. Otherwise the washing machine must pump the water up too far.

AEG failure E30 or C3

AEG failure E30

Your AEG washing machine displays the error message E30, C3 or beeps 3 times because water is leaking. First check whether the supply hose is well-attached on both sides. Another cause may be that laundry is stuck in the door. This leaks water into the bottom drawer from the front. Remove the washing machine from the water and electricity supply and place a towel on the back. Tilt the device back slightly and hold this position for 40 seconds. Lower the washing machine to the floor and reconnect it.

AEG error E40

AEG error E40

If error message E40 occurs or the washing machine beeps or blinks 4 times, there is a problem with the door lock. The door may not be closed properly. Press this until you hear a click and restart the washing program. It's also possible that laundry is stuck between the door. Is the drum very full? Another cause may be that something has to be removed. In the most extreme case, the door lock is broken and a technician is required to replace it.

AEG failure E90

AEG failure E90

Error message E90 indicates that there is a fault with the circuit board. This is a plate on which all wiring is attached. Turn off the washing machine and unplug the power cord. Test if the device works again when you switch it on again.

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Customer service Coolblue

Does your washing machine give another error message? If so, look in the manual of the device. Do you still suffer from a failure? Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved independently. A technician may be required. Have you purchased the washing machine from Coolblue and is it covered by the warranty? Our customer service will gladly help you further. If your washing machine is out of warranty, contact AEG. Have you purchased your washing machine somewhere else? If so, call this point of sale or AEG.

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