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The most common failures of Bosch and Siemens washing machines

If your Bosch or Siemens washing machine gives an error, that's a bummer. You can usually see an error notification or code on the display. In this article, you can read what to do for which error notification of your Bosch or Siemens washing machine.

Error E6, E18 or E36


There's an issue with the water drain. This could be caused by the drain pump itself, or by the drain. How can I fix this? Clean the drain pump filter and make sure the washing machine doesn't have to pump the water further than 1 meter upwards. Check the drain hose for kinks or blockages and solve those by straightening the hose and flushing thoroughly.

Error E23 or E35


The washing machine has detected water on the base plate, so there might be a leak. To prevent a larger leak, you should close the faucet and disconnect the washing machine from the power grid. After this, contact the point of purchase where you bought the washing machine or Bosch or Siemens.

Error E32 or E60


Error code E32 alternately flashes "End" on the display. There's no real error, but the washing machine has interrupted the washing cycle because of an imbalance in the drum. The laundry isn't distributed evenly. Properly distribute the laundry over the drum. Alternate between small and large clothes, so large, heavy clothes don't all end up on one side. Start a spinning cycle if the result isn't what it should be because of the error.

Error E10


This is an error in the i-DOS system, also known as the automatic dosing system. The washing machine has directly disabled the i-DOS system. Contact the point of purchase where you bought the washing machine or Bosch or Siemens. Despite this error, you can still dose manually in the detergent drawer.

Didn't fix the problem?

Customer Service

You can't fix all errors yourself. If the listed tips didn't offer a solution, you'll need a mechanic. Did you buy the washing machine from us? Contact our Customer service right away. We're happy to help you. Did you buy the washing machine somewhere else? Contact the point of purchase or the manufacturer.

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