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Do I have the right floor for my washing machine?

You're looking for a new washing machine or just bought a new one. You want it to produce as little noise as possible during spinning. To prevent noise, it's important to place the washing machine on the right flooring. Here, you can read here which flooring types are most suitable for your washing machine and what to do if your floor is less suitable.

Suitable flooring types

Washing machine on suitable flooring

You'll be least bothered by noise if you place the machine on a stable, hard floor. It's important that it doesn't spring and doesn't have a smooth surface. The following flooring types are most suitable for a washing machine:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Stone flooring
  • Matte floor tiles

Note: level your washing machine to prevent noise.

Less suitable flooring types

Washing machine on unsuitable flooring

The following flooring types are ** less suitable ** for a washing machine. They're most likely to cause the machine to vibrate, slide, and produce noise:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Carpet
  • Smooth floor tiles

What to do if your floor is less suitable

Flooring types unsuitable for a washing machine

Did you place your washing machine on a less suitable floor? First, check if you can move the washing machine to a hard, stable surface. If it's not possible, place the washing machine onto a concrete tile of 60x60cm, which is least 3cm thick. This way, you ensure the washing machine is stable and produces less noise.

Correct use of vibration dampers

Vibration dampers

Perhaps you're wondering if it's an idea to use vibration dampers. In principle, it's best not to use vibration dampers. New washing machines have rubber legs, which already reduces noise. Rubber legs do wear over time, so vibration dampers are especially useful if you have an old washing machine. ** Note: want to use vibration dampers? Only do this if you have an old washing machine and a concrete or stone floor or floor tiles. **

Don't: drip tray with vibration dampers

Drip tray

Never use a drip tray in combination with vibration dampers. This makes the problem worse, as the machine will only produce more noise.

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