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My washing machine is noisy, what do I do about this?

Your washing machine is noisy and you want it to stop as quickly as possible. Makes sense. To remedy the noise, you first have to determine the cause of the noise. How do you do that? By listening to what sound your washing machine makes and when. I hope to give you the right solution based on the type of sound.

My washing machine wobbles and makes a noise

Level the washing machine

If your washing machine wobbles and makes a noise, first check whether the washing machine is level. Place a spirit level on your washing machine and check whether the bubble hangs between the 2 lines. Does the bubble have a deviation? Then turn the adjustable feet under the washing machine until the air bubble hangs in the middle. Then check the surface of your washing machine. Is this on laminate or wood? Then consider moving the washing machine to a solid surface such as cement, tiles or concrete.

My washing machine makes a screeching noise

Washing machine bearings

Does your washing machine make a lot of noise during the spin cycle and do you describe the noise as howling? Then there is a good chance that the bearings are worn out. You simply test this by turning the empty drum by hand. Is it smooth and smooth? Then your bearings are fine. If it feels rough or bumpy, we recommend having the bearings replaced. Contact the supplier within the warranty period to replace the bearings. Outside the warranty period, contact a repairer.

My washing machine makes a pounding noise

Washing machine shock absorbers

Over time, shock absorbers and springs lose their strength. This gives the washing machine drum too much freedom of movement. The result is a thumping noise during the spin cycle. To solve this problem, you must replace the shock absorbers or springs. Contact the washing machine manufacturer if the washing machine still has a warranty. If the warranty has expired, contact a repairer.

My washing machine is noisy when taking in water

Water in washing machine drum

If your washing machine makes a noise when taking in water, we call this water hammer. You recognize water hammer by the sound of a popping or pounding water pipe. There are rapid fluctuations in pressure in your water pipe that cause the noise. To fix water hammer in your washing machine, place a water hammer damper or contact a plumber.

My Samsung washing machine is noisy

Calibrate s Samsung washing machine

Do you have a Samsung washing machine and is that noisy? Then it may just be that the washing machine is not calibrated after installation. Calibration reduces vibration and noise. In the article "How do I calibrate my Samsung washing machine?" you can read how calibration works. Good to know: calibration only takes 3 minutes.

My washing machine vibrates: vibration dampers

Vibration dampers

Do you have a hard floor made of concrete or tile? Make sure to use vibration dampers. Vibration dampers work best on these hard floors. You simply place the rubber caps under the feet of your washing machine. This reduces noise and vibrations. Do you have wood, parquet, laminate, or carpet? Don't use vibration dampers, because they won't do anything. Even if you have a drip tray or a washing machine with rubber feet, you shouldn't use vibration dampers. Remember that they only work on hard floors.

I want a really quiet washing machine

Silent washingmachine

Have you gone through all the options in this article, but your solution is not listed here? Or are you aware that parts of your washing machine are worn out, but don't you think it is worth having your 8 year old washing machine repaired? Then consider purchasing a new, silent washing machine. With a noise level of 73 decibels or lower, you have minimal noise pollution.

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