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How do I calibrate my Samsung washing machine?

When you calibrate your Samsung washing machine, you prevent the appliance from vibrating and making a lot of noise. Calibrating your washing machine can be done via the display and takes 3 minutes maximum. This isn't done by default in the factory. That's why it's important that you calibrate the washing machine yourself. Read how to do this in this article.


Calibrating a Samsung washing machine is done when the installation is entirely finished. Make sure that the transport bolts are gone and the washing machine is fully level. Naturally, if you buy a new washing machine at Coolblue, we make sure this is properly done.

Calibrate a washing machine

After installation, you calibrate your Samsung washing machine. This doesn't take any longer than 3 minutes, and you only have to do it once:

  • Make sure the drum is empty and the washing machine is off.
  • Simultaneously press the buttons 'temperature' and 'delay end' and press the on/off button.
  • The display will say 'clb'. Press the start button to start the calibration.
  • The drum will rotate to the left and to the right for 3 minutes.
  • As soon as the calibration is done, the display will say 'end'.
  • The washing machine is ready for use.

Why calibration

Samsung wasmachine energielabel

Except for preventing vibrations and noise, calibration also makes sure you save energy. After calibration, the load sensor more accurately weighs your laundry. This means the washing cycle can better adjust itself to to the amount of clothes, which saves time and energy.

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