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How do I use Samsung EcoBubble?

To save energy, you buy a Samsung EcoBubble washing machine. With Samsung EcoBubble, foam bubbles spread over your laundry and you can also clean at low temperatures. This way, you not only save energy, but your laundry will also last longer. You can activate EcoBubble via the 'Bubble Soak' button on the display.

EcoBubble: energy-efficient

Samsung EcoBubble

With a Samsung EcoBubble washing machine, you don't have to wash at a high temperature. You can also wash hygienically at 15 °C. This way, you'll not only save energy, but your laundry will also continue to look good for longer. Another advantage is that fewer detergent residues remain in the machine thanks to the foam.

Activate EcoBubble: 'Bubble Soak'

Activate EcoBubble

To use EcoBubble, first add detergent and fabric softener through the drawer. EcoBubble is available with some programs. The manual states which programs you can use this for. as it varies per model. Select the program, press 'Bubble Soak', and start. Keep in mind that the washing cycle will take 30 minutes longer as a result.

Bubbles in the drum

Samsung EcoBubble

With EcoBubble, foam bubbles appear on your laundry in the drum, so stains can be removed more easily. The washing machine mixes the detergent with water and pumps oxygen into it under high pressure. The foam bubbles reach your clothes through the holes of the drum.

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