Written by Jeroen

Turn off the end signal tune of a Samsung washing machine

Do you own a Samsung washing machine, but don't you like the melody it plays at the end of the washing cycle? Read how to turn the sound off in this article.

LED display

Samsung wasmachine led display

With a LED display you turn off the end signal by pressing the buttons 'rinsing' and 'spinning' for 3 seconds. On the screen a struck through speaker icon appears. The setting is saved when you turn the washing machine off.

Do you want to turn the sound back on? Press 'rinsing' and 'spinning' at the same time and hold for 3 seconds.

LCD display

Samsung wasmachine lcd display

Do you have a LCD display? Press one of the upward pointing arrow keys at the right of the screen. Press 'OK' if you see the option 'sound'. You'll now see a struck through sound icon.

Follow the same steps to turn the sound back on.

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