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How many revolutions does your washing machine need?

The RPM of a washing machine indicates how many rounds the drum makes per minute. The higher the number of rotations, the drier your clothes will be. Do you have a washing machine with 1400 or 1600 RPM? You laundry won't have to dry a long time after spinning.

Washing machine 1400 or 1600 RPM

Washing machine 1400RPM

1400 RPM: residual moisture percentage 50%

Nowadays, more and more washing machines have a high number of rotations. The RPM you need depends on how dry you want your laundry to be. The average residual moisture percentage in a washing machine with 1400 RPM is 50%. The residual moisture percentage indicates how much moisture is left in your clothing after spinning. 1400 RPM is enough to dry pants and shirts.

Washing machine 1600RPM

1600 RPM: residual moisture percentage 44%

If you want to wash bedding, a washing machine with 1600 RPM comes in handy. Especially if you don't have a dryer. This way, you won't have to look at a clothesline with damp sheets as long. The average residual moisture percentage of a machine with 1600 RPM is 44% on average. Do you want the drum to spin as quickly as possible? Choose this speed.

1200 RPM

Washing machine 1200RPM

Do you want to dry your favorite laundry a bit more carefully? Don't really care about RPM? A washing machine with 1200 RPM should work for you. The residual moisture percentage is 52% on average. Your clothes be a bit more wet, but they'll wear less quickly. Useful if you want to dry a brand new shirt.

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