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What noise level does my washing machine need?

If you place your washing machine close to your living room or bedroom, take an extra silent or silent washing machine. They make relatively little noise during the spin cycle. This way, you can watch TV or use the washing machine when you sleep. You can read what noise levels there are and how you can choose an extra silent or silent washing machine here.

Extra silent

Extra silent washing machine

Do you sleep, work, or study in the same room as your washing machine? Or do you have children who wake up easily? Choose an extra silent washing machine. This has a noise level of up to 71 decibels during the spin cycle. Thanks to the low noise level and the brushless motor, it'll bother you less. This way, you can do your anytime you want and still sleep peacefully.


Silent washingmachine

If want to place your washing machine in your open kitchen or next to your bedroom, choose a silent washing machine. These models have a noise level of 72 or 73 decibels. The spin cycle is louder than the one of an extra silent washing machine, but you can still do laundry when you're at home or when you're sleeping.


Washing machine with normal noise level

A sound level between 74 and 77 decibels is normal. You can clearly hear the washing machine, so it's best not to place it near your living room or bedroom. These models are more suitable for a closed kitchen or attic. Keep in mind that a washing machine that produces 77 decibels is twice as loud as a washing machine that produces 74 decibels.


Loud washing machine

A washing machine with a noise level of 78 decibels or more is very loud loud. This washing machine is suitable if you want to place it far enough away from your living room and bedroom. In the attic, the basement, or shed, for example. It's also suitable if you want to do laundry when you're not at home. The washing machine still makes noise, but it doesn't bother you as much.

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