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Advice on the noise level of washing machines

A washing machine makes a noise during washing and spinning. This is due to the pumping of water and the centrifugation of your laundry. The centrifugation provides the most sound. If you have small children or wash at night, we recommend a quiet washing machine.

A silent washing machine

Noise level of washing machines

When the washing machine is near your bedroom or living room, it is not pleasant if it makes a lot of noise. Even if you have small children, you would like a quiet washing machine. Since centrifugation makes the most noise, we always look at this number of decibels. We speak of a silent washing machine if the device does not make more noise than 73 decibels during centrifugation. Every 3 decibels more indicates a doubling of the noise level.

Every noise level

Is the washing machine in the attic or were you alone during the day when no one is home? Then the noise level does not matter very much. A washing machine with a normal or loud noise level is therefore an option.

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Rowan Washing Machine Expert.

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