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What automatic detergent dosaging saves me

To keep your laundry nice for longer, choose a washing machine with automatic detergent dosing. For example a washing machine with TwinDos, i-DOS or AutoDose. Washing machines with automatic detergent dosing automatically add the correct amount of detergent. In this article. you can read what the benefits are.

Less wear: clothes look good for longer

Storage of laundry for a washing machine

By automatically using the right amount of detergent, your clothes will last longer. This prevents you from using too much or too little detergent. If you use too much detergent, stains will be left behind. Too little detergent will make the colors fade. Your favorite clothes will no longer look beautiful. By leaving this job to the washing machine, clothes stay as new longer.

Up to 30% less detergent

TwinDos detergent reservoirs

It remains difficult to dose just the right amount of detergent; you can easily use too much detergent. Washing machines with automatic detergent dosing weigh exactly how much laundry is in the drum. Based on that, the washing machines dose the detergent so accurately, you can save up to 30% in detergent. That's about 5 bottles of detergent per year. On an annual basis, that saves a lot of money.

Less foam, so less water

Samsung washing machine

A washing machine with automatic dosing never adds too much detergent during the washing process. This also means that fewer rinsing cycles are needed to wash away the foam. This not only saves time, but also a lot of water. On an annual basis, automatic detergent dosing saves you about 7,000 liters of water on average.

Less hassle

Display Miele washing machine

Dosing detergent manually remains an art. First, you pour the right amount of detergent into a cap, empty it in the detergent drawer, clean the cap, and screw it back onto the bottle. With automatic dosing, you put your favorite detergent in the detergent drawer once. You won't have to add any more for the next 20 cycles. You'll never forget to add detergent again. Saves you time too.

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