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5 reasons to buy a new washing machine

When do you need a new washing machine? We list the 5 most common reasons and show you the best solutions. The next time you do your laundry, you won't have to worry your washing machine is too small or uses too much energy.

1. Longer lifespan

If you want a new washing machine with a long lifespan, go for a washing machine with top class build quality. These devices all have a brushless motor. The washing machine does not wear as fast, because no carbon brushes are needed to drive the engine. In addition, the device is often also a lot quieter.

2. Save on your energy bill

To save energy and money, it is smart to buy an energy-efficient washing machine. Nowadays a washing machine is energy efficient with energy class A +++ - 30% or higher. This means that the device is 30% more efficient than A +++. There are also models that even more than half are more economical. By buying an energy-efficient washing machine, you can save a lot of money every year.

3. Larger fill weight

When your family expands or your children grow up to be teenagers, it's nice if you do not have to look up to mountains of laundry. If you have more laundry than there is in the washing machine, you need a washing machine with more filling weight. If you live with 3 to 5 people, a washing machine with 8 kilos of content is suitable. If you have a larger family, buy a washing machine with 9 kilos or more.

4. Washing in silence

Do you want your washing machine to run at night or place it near your living room or bedroom? Then choose a washing machine with a noise level of up to 73 dB during centrifugation. This ensures that you sleep well at night and do not wake up to the sound of a rising helicopter.

5. Smart functions

Nowadays there are many smart washing machines that make washing easier. If you want to operate your washing machine remotely, you can opt for a washing machine with Wi-Fi. With this washing machine the operation goes via an app and you get a notification when the laundry is ready. Do you want a washing machine that doses your detergent? Then buy a washing machine with automatic detergent dosage.

I want a new washing machine!

You choose a new washing machine because it has to be bigger, more energy-efficient, quieter and smarter. Or because your current washing machine has failed. Are you completely convinced and do you want to purchase a new washing machine as soon as possible? Then take a look at our page. Here you can see all washing machines that we currently have in our range.

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Rowan Washing Machine Expert.

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