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How do you place the Claris Pro Smart water filter in your Jura WE8?

Follow the instructions from the video below to place the Claris Pro Smart water filter in your Jura WE8. It's important that you keep the coffee machine with this water filter free of limescale, because limescale is harmful to the pipes of your appliance. The water filter prevents limescale and should be replaced about once every 3 months.

How often do you replace the water filter?

Replace the Jura WE8 water filter

The display indicates that you need to replace the water filter once every 3 months. The water filter communicates with the coffee machine via Bluetooth, so it works very accurately and prevents 99% of the limescale this way. This actually makes descaling unnecessary. That is why it's important that you always replace the filter on time.

Which water filter do you use?

Water filter | Suitable for Jura espresso machines | With RFID technology (Radio-frequency Identification)
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The Claris Pro Smart water filter is the only filter that fits in the water tank of the Jura WE8. This coffee machine has a larger water tank than other Jura coffee machines.

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