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Everything on JURA

The Swiss company JURA is an expert on premium fully automatic machines. Fully automatic JURA machines make the best coffee, are easy to operate, and have a beautiful design.

Discover JURA products

JURA coffee machines

The espresso that you make with a JURA coffee machine has an extra full aroma, thanks to the special P.E.P. brewing method. The water flows through the coffee slowly and in phases.

JURA accessories

Complete the coffee experience with JURA accessories. Preheat your cups in the cup warmer, or keep milk at the right temperature in the special milk containers.

JURA maintenance

JURA cleaners are tailored to the components of the coffee machines. That way, you can be sure that you're maintaining your coffee machine the right way.

Learn more about JURA

JURA is the global expert on fully automatic coffee machines. The Swiss company stands for optimal coffee results, simple controls, and a modern design. Innovation, precision, quality, and service are important values inscribed into JURA's DNA. JURA's fully automatic coffee machines distinguish themselves from other brands, thanks to their durability and their long lifespan. JURA has its own Service Factory, where you take your machine for a complete service. Parts that are subject to wear in the long term will be replaced. In addition, the espresso machine is completely cleaned both inside and out.

A right to manufacturer's warranty via Coolblue

Coolblue is an authorized dealer of Jura coffee machines, so you have a right to a manufacturer's warranty. This means that for the first 25 months, we'll always find a fitting solution in case there's something wrong with your machine. That's nice to know.

These 4 technologies make a JURA special

Aroma G3 grinder

The Aroma G3 mill has 6 grinding settings to choose from, so you can make a cup of coffee to your taste. The lower setting, the finer the coffee will be. The water will absorb more of the aroma, which creates a stronger cup of coffee.

Intelligent Water System

You no longer have to descale your machine, thanks to the Intelligent Water System and the Claris Smart water filter. The water filter communicates with the coffee machine and prevents limescale. This keeps the coffee machine in great condition.

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System

Before a Jura machine starts making coffee, the ground coffee is moistened. The intelligent Pre Brew system ensures even moisture and measures the amount of water to match the amount of coffee. You'll get the maximum aroma from the coffee beans.

Ideal temperature for soft milk foam

Thanks to the micro-foam technology, the innovative JURA steam wands create a wonderful soft milk foam. You won't find large bubbles in the foam, because the structure of the foam is very fine. This will make the foam on your cappuccino last.

Discover the benefits of Smart Connect

JURA Smart Connect

With the JURA Smart Connect, you can control you JURA from a distance using your smartphone or tablet. The special J.O.E. app will fully adjust to your coffee preferences. With it, everyone at home can compose their own coffee recipes. Use the sliders to adjust the amount of coffee, milk, and the coffee strength to suit your preferences. You then provide your favorite coffee specialties with a name and image of your choosing. The app will also guide you in the cleaning process, and it will tell you step by step what you need to do to keep your machine in top condition.

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