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How many people do you deep fry for?

The capacity of your frying pan determines how many fries and snacks you can fry at once. If you often eat fries with the whole family, it's best to get a frying pan with a large capacity. On this page, we'll show you what capacity is suitable for how many people.

What capacity do I need?

Capacity of 500 grams Capacity of 750 grams Capacity of 1000 grams Capacity of 1250 grams Capacity of 1500 grams
2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people

The difference between content and capacity

Frying pan with fries

The capacity of a frying pan is indicated in the number of liters of oil or fat that the deep fryer can hold. How many fries can you prepare? The amount of fries you can make in a fryer is called the capacity. We calculate 250 grams of fries per person.

Portion size per person = 250 grams of fries

Make fries and snacks at the same time

Frying pan with 2 compartments

Do you have a large family and do you want to make fries and snacks at the same time? A double fryer could be useful. You can set the temperature for each pan. This allows you to make different types of snacks at the same time.

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