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Outdoor deep frying

Most people fry in the kitchen, but you can also choose to use the deep fryer outside. There are a number of things that you have to take into account, both inside and outside. Did you know, for example, that you can turn off the deep fryer if it is left out in the cold for too long ? Read on to find out how to prevent this.

Prevent your fryer from turning off

When you go deep frying, it is important to take into account that some fryers do not work equally well at low temperatures. Because of this it can happen that the fryer does not do it immediately. You solve this by bringing it to room temperature indoors - please note: do not turn on! - and then move it outside. Choose a fryer with handles, so you can easily move it and do not get dirty hands. And in case of frost, do not store your deep fryer in an unheated shed. The liquid fat can freeze due to the frost.

Tips for outdoor frying

  • Bring your fryer for indoor use at room temperature.
  • Choose a deep fryer with handles, so you can easily move it;
  • Do not store your deep fryer in the shed if it is freezing.

Inside frying

No matter how you turn it or turn it around: just as when cooking on a stove, food air is released when frying. And because you have to fry with the lid open at most fryers, chances are that a greasy air will stick in your house. Choose a fryer with a fragrance filter to limit the spread of odors.

Tips for frying inside

  • Choose a deep fryer with odor filter;
  • Choose a deep fryer that you can use with the lid closed;
  • Put your deep fryer under a hood.

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