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Airfryer vs deep fryer

In addition to deep-frying using hot oil in a deep fryer, you can now also prepare snacks and fries in an air fryer; it requires little to no frying oil. We've compared the two, as both have their pros and cons.

In short

Airfryer Deep fryer
Healthy frying with hot air Unhealthy frying in fat or oil
Frying, baking, grilling Frying
Easy to clean Hard to clean
Longer baking time Shorter baking time
Little baking air A lot of baking air
Higher purchase price Low operating costs Lower purchase price Higher operating costs

Way of frying

Airfryer with fries, chicken, and vegetables

Airfryer - Frying with hot air

With an airfryer, you can fry snacks with hot air. This can be compared with the operation of a hot air oven. This is a healthy way of baking snacks, since no frying fat or oil is used. French fries from an airfryer are many times healthier, but do not taste exactly like the snack bar. However, the fries comes out golden brown and crispy. There is hardly any baking air released during baking, so you just put the pan on the counter.

Frying pan with fries

Frying pan - Frying in fat or oil

During frying with a deep fryer, snacks are immersed in oil or fat. After the fat is hot enough, throw the fries or bitterballen in the pan so that it sears close. Snacks that you bake in a fryer are crunchy and taste just like the snack bar. This means that the snacks contain a lot of fat and are therefore unhealthy. Deep-frying gives a strong baking air, so you prefer to put the pan in the shed or utility room.

Preparations & baking time

Airfryer with fries and vegetables

Airfryer - For frying, baking and grilling

An airfryer is not only used for frying, but also for baking and grilling. So in addition to snacks you can make many other dishes. Think of grilling a chicken leg or baking potatoes, vegetables, quiches or muffins. The baking time of an airfryer differs per dish. An airfryer takes about 20 minutes to bake fries. The advantage of an airfryer is that it is quickly heated up and ready for use.

Frying pan with fries

Frying pan - For frying

A deep fryer is pure and only suitable for deep-frying snacks. For example, you use the fryer for frying, for example, fries, croquettes or oliebollen. A deep-frying pan bakes fries and snacks in 3 to 5 minutes undercooked and crispy. However, the deep fryer must first warm up before the oil is hot enough and you throw in the snacks. How long the fryer needs to heat up differs per model.


Airfryer with fries

Airfryer - More expensive to purchase, cheaper to use

In the first instance, an airfryer seems more expensive. This is because the purchase price of an airfryer is in most cases higher than that of a normal deep fryer. Remember that this device is economical with energy and that you do not have to buy liters of oil.

Frying pan with 2 pans and fries

Frying pan - Cheaper to buy, more expensive to use

The prices for fryers are lower than airfryers. However, once in a while you have to change the oil or fat in the pan. On average, you do characters after you have used the fryer ten times. Therefore take into account these additional operating costs.


Airfryer - Easy to clean

Cleaning an Airfryer is very easy. After use, you can just put the individual components in the dishwasher. You can also wash them by hand. After that, the Airfryer will be ready for use again.

Frying pan - Difficult to clean

Cleaning a deep fryer is a bit more work. In any case, you must regularly replace the fat and dispose of it properly. There are demountable fryers that make cleaning easier, but cleaning greasy, caked parts is always a tedious job.


You choose an airfryer if you want to snack healthier. But also because you bake, grill or roast various dishes. You do not have to buy frying fat and the cleaning of the parts is easy. Fries and snacks are crispy in an airfryer, but do not taste like the snack bar. Do you think this is most important? Then a traditional deep fryer might suit you better. Keep in mind that such snacks are a lot less healthy and that you regularly buy new frying fat.

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