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Airfryer vs deep fryer

With a traditional frying pan, you use oil to make fries so that they become nice and crispy. With an airfryer, you use hot air for a healthier preparation. Both fryers have advantages and disadvantages, but what's the right fryer for you? In this article, we'll go through the differences so that you can make the right choice.

In short

Airfryer Deep fryer
Frying system Hot air Oil or fat
Health Healthier Unhealthy
Functions Frying, baking, grilling Frying
Cleaning Easy Difficult
Frying time Long Short
Scents Little baking air A lot of baking air
Costs High purchase price, low operating costs Low purchase price, high operating costs

Way of frying

Airfryer with fries, chicken, and vegetables

Airfryer - Frying with hot air

With an airfryer, you use hot air to fry. This is similar to how a fan oven works. This is a healthy way to bake snacks. It doesn't use any oil, which means no frying oil either. As a result, fries from an airfryer are many times healthier, but they don't taste like fries from the snack bar. The fries do come out golden brown and crispy. You barely smell any fried food during the frying process, so you can safely place the pan on your countertop.

Frying pan with fries

Frying pan - Frying in fat or oil

When frying in a frying pan, snacks are submerged in oil or fat. Once the fat is hot enough, you throw the fries or snacks in the pan to sear the outside. Snacks that you bake in a frying pan are crispy and taste just like those of the snack bar. This means that the snacks contain a lot of fat and are therefore unhealthy. Frying gives off strong frying odor, so it's best to put the pan in the shed or pantry.

Preparations & baking time

Airfryer with fries and vegetables

Airfryer - For frying, baking and grilling

You not only use an airfryer for frying, but also for baking and grilling. In addition to fries and snacks, you can use it to prepare many other dishes as well. You can grill a drumstick or bake potatoes, vegetables, quiches, or muffins for example. The baking time of an airfryer varies per dish. On average, it takes an airfryer 20 minutes to bake fries. The advantage of an airfryer is that it heats up fast and is quickly ready for use.

Frying pan with fries

Frying pan - For frying

A frying pan is only suitable for frying fries and snacks. For example, you can use the frying pan to fry fries, snacks, or croquettes. A frying pan bakes fries and snacks nice and crispy in about 3 to 5 minutes. However, the frying pan first needs to heat up before the oil is hot enough and you can throw in the ingredients. The time the frying pan needs to heat up varies per model.

Difference in costs

Airfryer with fries

Airfryer - More expensive to purchase, cheaper to use

At first glance, an airfryer seems more expensive. This is because the purchase price of an airfryer is usually higher than that of a regular frying pan. On the other hand, it's an energy-efficient appliance and you don't need to buy liters of oil.

Frying pan with 2 pans and fries

Frying pan - Cheaper to buy, more expensive to use

The prices for frying pans are lower than those of airfryers. You do have to change the oil or fat in the pan once in a while. You need to refresh the fat after about 10 rounds of frying. So keep these additional usage costs in mind.

The ease of cleaning

Cleaning an airfryer

Airfryer - Easy to clean

Cleaning an airfryer is very easy. The parts don't get as dirty as with a frying pan, because you use little to no oil. You simply put the individual parts in the dishwasher, or you just wash them by hand. The airfryer is then immediately ready for use again.

Cleaning a frying pan

Frying pan - Difficult to clean

Cleaning a frying pan is a bit more work. In any case, you need to regularly replace the fat and dispose of it properly. There are frying pans that can be taken apart for easier cleaning, but cleaning greasy, caked parts is always a tedious job.


Choose an airfryer if you want to eat healthier snacks. But also if you want to be able to bake, grill, or roast various dishes. You won't have to buy frying oil and cleaning the parts is easy. Fies and snacks come out of the airfryer crispy, but they don't taste like those from the snack bar. Do you consider that to be the most important? A traditional deep fryer might be a better option for you. Keep in mind that those kinds of snacks are a lot less healthy and you'll need to buy new frying oil regularly.

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