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How much RAM do you need?

If your PC or laptop becomes too slow, expanding or replacing the RAM is one of the solutions to make the device faster. Before you buy RAM, it's useful to consider which tasks you perform on your computer. On this page, we'll explain how much RAM is recommended per usage situation.

I want to browse, email, and use text processing

Internet, email, and text processing

For basic use of a computer, you need 4GB of internal memory, but to work smoothly with multiple programs at the same time, we recommend 8GB of RAM. This amount is sufficient for both your operating system and simple software to run smoothly. You can work in text documents, while you have your email, internet browser, and Spotify open in the background. Check in advance how much RAM your device supports.

I want to edit photos and videos

Edit videos

When editing photos and videos, your computer has to work a little harder, so the RAM has to work harder, too. With 8GB, a little photo and video editing should be fine. Are you using more demanding programs, doing more professional work, and editing 4K videos? If so, we recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM. Make sure to check whether your PC or laptop supports 16GB beforehand.

I want to play (VR) games


If you occasionally game and play simple games, 8GB RAM will be plenty. If you want to play VR games or the latest high-end games, you need at least 16GB RAM. Do you want to play at the highest quality settings while streaming gameplay and doing other tasks? 32GB RAM is recommended for you. Most gaming PCs and laptops support a large amount of RAM. You can check this in your Windows setting.

I want to run virtual machines

Virtual machines

Do you run virtual machines on your workstation, for development purposes, for example? These operating systems all use their own piece of RAM. That's why we recommend at least 32GB of RAM, but to make sure virtual machines run optimally, we recommend 64GB RAM, in the form of 2 RAM modules of 32GB each. Make sure to check whether your PC or laptop has enough slots and if it supports 64GB of RAM.

Maximum RAM and what kind?

Expanding or replacing RAM is determined by the motherboard and the processor in a laptop or desktop. First, check what the maximum amount of RAM is for your laptop, desktop, or Mac. You can do so in your Windows settings. This way, you can avoid buying RAM you can't fully use because of your motherboard's restrictions.

In addition, it's important to take the type of RAM into account. Think, for instance, of SODIMM versus DIMM and DDR3 versus DDR4. Our expert will explain how you can find out which type of RAM you need for your laptop, PC, MacBook, or iMac.

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